Tapping into the Spiritual Power of the Arts
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The Wings to the Spirit Foundation is pleased to sponsor a deepening called "Tapping into the Spiritual Power of the Arts." Available on this web site without charge, the deepening is designed to assist communities to develop basic skills in bringing the arts to bear in support of the teaching work and all core community activities. In the process, the deepening raises awareness of the great potential of the arts to contribute to the spiritual well-being of the community and humanity as a whole.

History & Current Stage
In its first phase of development, from 2008 to 2012, "Tapping into the Spiritual Power of the Arts" evolved rapidly through the enthusiastic contributions of some two hundred collaborators in many communities. Now in a new phase, the project will focus on a single, designated “home cluster” in the United States, where it will have the opportunity to take root and develop further. As the deepening is placed into service there, results will be evaluated and modifications will continue to be made over time.

Conditions for Use of Deepening Materials in U.S.A. or other Countries, in Venues such as Schools, Conferences and Workshops
The National Spiritual Assembly of the United States has provided the following guidelines as to how the deepening, or materials extracted from it, should be used at this time.

The only place where the deepening may be presented as a course in its entirety is in the single cluster in the United States, where the project is to be based and will continue its development.

However, institutions, schools or individuals – whether in the United States or another country – may download "Tapping into the Spiritual Power of the Arts" from this web site and extract materials from it, for use in venues such as conferences and workshops on the arts. As the copyright holder, the Wings to the Spirit Foundation asks that when making such use you acknowledge the source and mention the deepening’s version number (found on the title page).

The learning approach used in the deepening is the same approach found in courses of the Ruhi Institute. However, when using any materials from the deepening, it is very important for facilitators to clarify that it is not connected with the Ruhi Institute, is not part of the institute program, and does not replace or divert resources from the institute process.

Individuals and other parties who obtain the deepening for the purpose of excerpting materials may forward it electronically to others – in the U.S. or other countries – who may also wish to extract from it for their purposes. Please note that permission to forward applies only to the current Version 4.6 or higher. (Earlier versions of the deepening, in the possession of former project facilitators, may not be forwarded.)

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