For those wishing to Download and Extract
Materials from the Deepening,
"Tapping into the Spiritual Power of the Arts"
Please read the following and check the box next to each item with which you are in agreement:
My interest in the arts deepening, 'Tapping into the Spiritual Power of the Arts' is to extract materials from it, for an activity such as a presentation, workshop or deepening. *
I understand that the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States has indicated that "Tapping into the Spiritual Power of the Arts" should not be presented in its entirety - except in the local community and cluster where it is to continue being developed. *
When providing materials extracted from the arts deepening, I agree to acknowledge that they were developed under sponsorship of the Wings to the Spirit Foundation, Inc., which holds copyright. *
I agree to make it clear, to those receiving the materials extracted from 'Tapping into the Spiritual Power of the Arts,' that it is not connected with the Ruhi Institute, is not part of the institute program, and does not replace or divert resources from the institute process.*
I understand that I may forward the arts deepening electronically to others who may be interested in extracting materials from it for their own purposes.*
If forwarding, I will send the complete deepening, so materials can be used with proper reference to their context.*
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